Website Development and Website Design, Both Needed for A Functional Website

Website Development and Website Design, Both Needed for A Functional Website

Website Development and Website Design, Both Needed for A Functional Website

An effective website doesn’t stray far from good website design and website development. In fact, the importance of the two make them often mentioned at the same time in the same context. This, however, creates a confusion to some people. There are those who think that the two are exactly the same. Some do know website development but never hear website design. And they think that website design is an included package in website development.

If you are going to have a website for your business, make sure you have cleared this confusion out of your mind. Website design and website development are two different parts to make a website whole. Needless to say, both are imperative to be carefully accounted for.

Visual Matters for A Good Impression

The famous saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” maybe we all find fitting to be applied for person but it’s certainly not the case for business. A business needs a good visual to leave everlasting positive impression. By doing so, people are not reluctant to try something your business has to offer.

This surely applies for website visual too. That’s why website design play a big role. Website design focuses on all visual aspects of your website. From how the layout shapes, how the bits of information paragraphs are placed, the colour scheme used, etc. However, it must be stressed that website design is not pure art. Visual is important but it’s not the only important thing.

Website design also have to account the usability in designing how your website looks. Usability means that the design have to be user-friendly, aka easy to use by the users. This is why the one who design your website visual have to possess good knowledge on UX/UI principles.

Because the main objective of a business website is to make users easier to access your website therefore interested to make further inquiries, website design must match your targeted users. It means that if you are a business that want to sell clothes online, therefore your website must emphasise what the user want to know such as the competing price, the high quality material, the discount they can get, etc.

That’s why before website design can be made, strategy based on your objective of making website has to be made. By then, designers can come up with suitable website design to match your strategy, whose previous example case is a selling clothes online strategy.

Features for Smooth Operational Website

No matter how good a website design looks, it’s useless if it doesn’t work. It’s why the website development serves to maximise the design. Developing a website from scratch requires highly technical knowledge.

Clients, which is you, usually only knows how to make a website look by editing the content paragraph and uploading photos here and there. While actually, that part you access is only a part of two to make clients easier in operating their website. The side where you can edit text and upload photos is called front-end. It’s exclusively developed to bridge the data build by programmer and design made by designer. The other side is called back-end, where programmer build the data, store your website into a server. Simply put, it where everything is put back together.

Different website objective surely means different feature. If you want to sell clothes online through your website it means you need an e-commerce feature. If you want to display your business profile and it’s influence through social media, you might want to add social media widget. Features and anything technical go here in website development.

One without the Other?

Website design and website development work together to form a functional website. Without development, website design merely a visual, a picture that only can be looked at, not used. Without design, website development merely a bare code boxed in features that users don’t know what to do with.

That’s precisely why business owner who want to have a website should get a credible digital agency who can do both. Picodio Digital Agency is one that have been trusted in both website design and website development. Check out our portfolio to see what kind of website we have made. You can also contact us to ask for more details or even schedule the first consultation meeting for free!

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