Ways of Getting More Website Traffic for Free

Ways of Getting More Website Traffic for Free

Ways of Getting More Website Traffic for Free

Traffic is crucial for garnering sales from website, but getting them is not as easy. With so many products and service that coexist with yours, it’s difficult to get more traffic. Although difficult, it’s not impossible. The quick way is to put on ads, but surely you have to prepare certain amount of budget. There are ways you can try that is proven to get traffic for your website. They are free, but they are not quick like ads and need dedicated time. If you are limited by the lack of budget, here are the ways to get more website traffic you can implement.

Increasing Social Media Presence

People across ages use social media nowadays. The popularity of some platforms can give you advantage if you know how to use it. Use social media platform that is famously used among your target consumer. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you need to utilize them to build your social media presence. You can post content regularly. Content must be highly useful for target consumers or it will be ignored. Aside from content, you can also try to raise awareness by leaving comment on relevant account. Using hashtag is also proven to be boring results in getting noticed by more people on social media.

Writing Original Website Content

Content plays a great role in getting traffic for your website. People won’t be interested in copied content so make sure yours is original and fresh. Provide useful and relevant information so people will likely to read it. The content’s theme has also to be relevant with your business niche, so the people that come to your website have high chance to be converted into sales.

Publishing Content in Reputable Website

Another way of getting traffic is by inserting your website inside reputable website that known to have regular high traffic. You can insert your website by providing content of your making and publish them from there. Audience who read it will be likely directed to your website. If publishing your own content in other website is not an option, you can try by getting online media attention. The media will make an article of your business and you can ask them to insert your website.

Making Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly website is important since it makes mobile phone visitor easier in navigating your website. By implementing responsive web design, website will be mobile-friendly as the visual can adjust automatically to every gadget’s screen and resolution without distorting it. By providing website that can be navigated easily in every gadget, website traffic also surely increases.

Keeping Website Simple

People visit your website to get to know you so you need to provide enough information clearly. By keeping website simple and organized, you make them easier in finding what they want to know. Do not add unnecessary features so it won’t be cluttered. Apply predictable navigation to aid them browsing your website.

SEO vs SEM, Which One to Choose for Business

If the mentioned ways above still get you not enough website traffic, you can try to optimize your website using SEO. It’s a set of technique implemented so your website will be rank higher on Google Search, making your website even more accessible to target consumer. If you want to know more about getting more traffic using SEO, SEM, or social media ads, we as an experienced digital agency can help. Contact us now to schedule a free meeting consultation.

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