The Very Basic of Branding You Need to Know

The Very Basic of Branding You Need to Know

The Very Basic of Branding You Need to Know

With the endless amount of business out there offering the same things, it’s getting more difficult for business owner to make sales. That’s why branding has become the buzz around business. Whether large or small, it’s important for business to carry on a brand. Through branding, a business can at least stand out from the competition, making themselves prominent therefore attracting the attention of people in which eventually can be converted into sales.

Your Visual Matters

Your brand is your image, the impression and expectation people projected to yourself. Through the image you carry around, people build this expectation of your business. From products to services, all the components of your business are expected to match with your image. To build a brand that matches with your business’s objectives, you need to combine your identity (who you are) and your vision (who you want to be). If done right, the image people perceive you to be and the image you want people perceive you to be will be the same.

Although people often say don’t judge the book by the cover, it completely doesn’t apply to business. People do judge business by its looks. They form an impression and an opinion of your business upon seeing your visual. To attract people to your business over countless competitors out there, you need to have good visuals in which integrated to various parts of business such as logo, website, packaging, and other promotional tools. And the way to make such good visuals is by infusing your identity and your vision.

Defining The Brand You Want to Create

Before creating a brand, you need to be able to define it. Defining a brand can be difficult and exhausting. To aid the process, you can answer the following questions.

  • What is your company’s vision?
  • What is your company’s objective?
  • What do your target consumers already think of you?
  • What images do you want to project?

By the time you are able to define your brand, you will know the way how to put yourself in the competition. Plus, you will be able to carry on the following things easily.

Create a great logo. And place it everywhere. From email signatures, marketing pamphlets, social media posts, to offline ads such as billboard.

Design standard visual of your marketing materials. Use the same color scheme and logo placement to create consistent feel and look that remind people of your brand.

Write your brand message. What point do you want people to know about your business? Is it the price, the quality, the convenience? All employees should have it integrated to their brains so they know what to communicate and highlight about your brand.

Make a tagline. Write a catchphrase that is memorable yet concise. It’s even better if it contains the key point of your brand message. So not only people remember you upon hearing the catchphrase, they also know your value.

Integrate your brand. Branding is not just about visual, it’s about everything of your business. You need to integrate it to every aspects of your business, from seemingly trivial things such as how you answer your phones, what your employees wears, your email signature, etc.

Create a voice reflecting your brand. You need to create a voice to give your brand a personality. Needless to say, it has to be applied to all written communication materials, from visual imagery to the way you reply social media complains. Is your brand hip, casual, or formal?

Be true. You shouldn’t make something that can’t deliver. Customer won’t return to you if you have promised something but fail to deliver. Be mindful of promises you make and implied inside your brand.

Be Consistent. This point summarises all the above. You need to be consistent in everything. If not, your brand will be difficult to remember. It’s as if your brand is shifting personalities, in which not a good indication at all to establish a good image towards people.

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