SEO Benefits from Applying Responsive Web Design

SEO Benefits from Applying Responsive Web Design

SEO Benefits from Applying Responsive Web Design

We have discussed an introduction of responsive web design (RWD) before. RWD itself is an approach used to optimize website visual so it matches automatically with the size of device’s screen it’s accessed from. Turns out that RWD is highly advantageous for website’s SEO. This time, Picodio shares the list of responsive web design benefits for SEO.

One for All

As you have known, RWD makes website visual automatically adapt any device’s screen size and resolution. In other words, your website will absolutely match with every gadget screen of any users. This, in fact will make Google easier in crawling, indexing, and organizing your content. Google doesn’t have to do all of above twice since your website’s versions of desktop and mobile come and are counted as one. If you haven’t known already, it’s more difficult to rank higher if you have duplicate content, so only possess one website for both desktop and mobile version is good for your Google ranking.

Mobile Search Ranking

Not only easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize, responsive web design also improve your mobile search ranking. Isn’t it the same with the point mentioned above? Not quite so. This point emphasizes that having mobile version of your website will improve your ranking in a search accessed from mobile device. In other words, if your website hasn’t applied RWD, it will be difficult to rank high in the search of users using mobile device. This extremely important as people, Indonesian included, make more search from mobile device compared to the desktop one. Furthermore, Google itself has made a statement that “mobile-friendly” website has more advantage in mobile search ranking.

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Reducing Bounce Rate

What is bounce rate? It is the total in percentage of website visitor who closes tab right away after only view a page of said website. Bounce rate itself is also used by Google to determine whether a particular website provides quality or subpar content and/or user experience. How exactly does RWD reduce bounce rate? By providing easily navigated webpage (accessed from any devices), visitor will be highly more engaged.

Faster Page Speed

Website Google ranking is also measured by how long your website needs time to fully loaded. Google takes account on that factor to rank websites in search results. It’s no secret that Google leans on recommending website that loads faster by boost them in high search result ranking. Website with RWD will load faster, especially if it’s accessed from mobile device. In result, it will also boost positive user experience, by which also boost the ranking.

Is your website’s Google ranking low and you don’t know why? Maybe you haven’t applied responsive web design approach. Fix immediately to secure potential consumers with Picodio, an experienced digital agency specializing not only in website development but also SEO as well. Contact us now for free consultation!

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