Reaching Millennials as Your Customers

Menjangkau Generasi Milenial sebagai Konsumen

Reaching Millennials as Your Customers

Millennial generation, those who are 18 to 34 years old, is the young-adults who are very difficult to reach as customers because traditional marketing strategy has no effects on them.

Several years ago, millenials were not even considered seriously as a potential demographic costumers, which was mainly because they didn’t have purchasing power just yet. However, now millenials are in the age of working adult, which means that they also acquire purchasing power. Business and brand alike who don’t make adjustment to them will be surely behind the competition. If you don’t want that to happen to yours, the first step to take is to understand millenials, before developing marketing strategy for your business and brand.

A recent survey with millenials as the respondents revealed the data below.

84% of millennials claimed that they don’t believe every forms of advertising. Traditional advertising like TV ads and billboards are not exactly effective to influence them. You have to make an approach which feels personal, so hard-sellilng method is a big NO to be practiced.

71% of millenials are daily users of social media who spend around 4 to 5 hours a day in them. You have to pick up your customers wherever they are, in case of millennials, it’s in social media. Make an online presence of your brand in various hit social media platforms among millennials.

81% of millennials prefers customized products. Millennials like uniqueness. Therefore, they tend to avoid mainstream things. With customized product, they are able to avoid them, by customizing products according to their preference.

63% of millennials said that they are loyal to a brand with strong personality. Strong brand personality is not only in the logo and the name, but also in the vision and mission which are in correspondence with the value of millennials.

With the knowledge of the data above, you can start developing marketing strategy of your brand, which is summarized in 3 important points below.

Strengthen Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing itself is the technique that focuses in reaching customers through their gadgets, smartphone or tablets alike, using website, email, SMS, chat, social media, and application. This step is a logic one to take as millennials depends on technology.

Real practice of mobile marketing is many, depends on your brand’s needs as to which ones are the best. Some of the practices are email blast, SMS blast, chat broadcast, advertising champaign in social media platforms in order to be easily seen, and creating loyalty program through your own brand’s mobile app.

Target Group of Millennials

Millennials are still too broad as a demographic of customers target. This generation is divided into many groups: from those who like traveling, hanging out in hit cafes, to those who like to read. University student, millennials who just starting their job, to those who have married. Not all millennials are suitable to be in your customers target list. Therefore, when promoting your brand, you need to associate it with the said group. Various factors also need to be considered, such as your target customers’ age and habit.

Be To-The-Point

Millennials focus in problem-solving of a product. They pay more attention to a brand which is able to provide answer of their problem. Therefore, in introducing brand, do not focus on the convoluted description of the product’s quality, but on the thing that you can provide for customers. The benefit that the customers can get by choosing your brand instead of others have to be your main priority to attract their attention.

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