Push Notifications: Mobile App Feature to Boost Up Sales

Push Notifications Mobile App Feature to Boost Up Sales

Push Notifications: Mobile App Feature to Boost Up Sales

From e-mail marketing to physical pamphlet, there are many ways to entice people to engage with your business. With the current trend of e-commerce, the use of mobile apps is rising. It’s not without reason since mobile apps shopping is highly convenient. While providing convenience for target consumers, you can also use mobile app as a marketing tool. This can be done via push notifications.

What is Push Notifications?

Push notification is notification or brief message that appears in your phone screen from an app. This message pops up even without the app being opened. Therefore, users can get notified whenever to get the latest deal from your business.

Sadly, not everyone knows that using push notification has its own limits too. When used incorrectly, not only users will ignore the notifications, they will get rid of your mobile app by uninstalling it from their phone. The objective of push notification is to get user interact with your business through the already-installed app, so end up uninstalled is the worst outcome possible.

Therefore, you have to smartly use push notifications to your advantage. But, what is the best practice to use push notifications that can generate sales?

Best Practice of Push Notifications

Since push notification appears on screen or on notification tray in the top of mobile phone, it is best to use for time-sensitive content. A simple example of this is when Facebook sends you a push notification when someone sends you a message on Facebook. But surely it’s totally different when the app we are talking about is an e-commerce app like yours which is used to sell things. Therefore, consider the following cases when using push notifications to get more sales.

The Effective Ways to Increase Your E-commerce Business Sales

Abandoned shopping cart. Many users have browsed your product and get them one by one into shopping cart. But it’s not rare to find so many of them don’t complete the next step: transaction. Some probably don’t interested but some probably just simply forget. You can remind them through by sending a push notification. To entice them more, you can also try to include some special offers like a discount or free shipping.

Payment reminder. If push notification to make them checking out their cart is effective, then you only need to wait for them to make the payment. Although informed the due date of the payment when checking out, it’s not unusual for users to forget. Give a gentle nudge for them to pay as soon as possible. Through a push notification, send a brief message that reminds them they still have a payment to make.

New Products. You can also inform users of your brand new product through push notifications! Whether it’s a new model or newly restocked product that previously sold out, informing through push notification might caught their interest. Especially if you throw in a special deal, it’s easier to entice them.

Flash Sales. Special deals like discount and free shipping are usually two things that always reel users in sealing the deal. When you want to throw them in a limited period of time, make sure you give the users a heads up. There is no point of giving users the opportunity to get your products for special price when they don’t know about it.

Features. It’s not unusual for users to forget that they have newly installed app in their phone. Not only reminding them through push notification, you can also offer to give them a tour. The tour will explain the main function of your app so users understand and can use it much more easily.

Opt-in request. You can send an opt-in message through push notification right after the app finished being downloaded. This encourage users to get to know your business more through the app. Push notifications may be used to boost your sales but at the same time they should not bother users. Therefore, users should have the option to set the notifications to their liking. Things such as what kind of messages they are interested in knowing and the frequency they appear should be easily customised.

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