POS System, Advanced Cashier Machine for Today’s Business

POS System, Advanced Cashier Machine for Today's Business

POS System, Advanced Cashier Machine for Today’s Business

Technology has advanced. Years ago, a shop with a cashier machine is sufficient to keep a business going. Now? Well, not so much. More and more business players participate in fierce competition to attract buyers the best way possible. One of the ways to achieve that is by updating their tools to conduct business. Let’s take an example of the aforementioned cashier machine.

Traditional cashier machine is functional enough to keep track the core activity of business: transaction. The machine stores the total sum of money in and out, as well as tracks the inventory, in and out. However, the data is stored only in the machine. It cannot be accessed through any other devices, say, a mobile phone and a PC desktop.

Let’s not forget that cashier machine is highly inconvenient to track online sales. Brick and mortar is needed, but e-commerce website is also imperative to compete in today’s business climate. How do you solve that problem? Certainly, you are not going to input transaction made online one by one to the cashier machine, right? That’s what POS is for.

Advanced Features of POS

POS, short for Point of Sales is a software similar to the functions of cashier machine. It can track inventory and keep transaction data. The difference, while cashier machine only stores them in one device only, POS stores them in the cloud. In other words, the data can be accessed through various device at once, be it mobile phone, tablet, or PC desktop. Mobile access is not the only top notch feature of POS. Here are some others.

The thing is, features can be added to POS depends on the needs. Business type plays a big role deciding which features are truly imperative. However, basic POS always covers the necessary to keep it functional.

Inventory Tracking. As mentioned before, POS tracks inventory, just like a cashier machine does. However, POS is not only able to track it one place. Say, you have several operational branches. You can input and track the inventory of several branches at once. How does this exactly reflect convenience for buyers? In case a buyer visit one of your branches but runs out the item the buyer wants, you can always redirect them to the branch that has them! Better yet, you can avoid such situation by restocking the best selling item before it runs out. And how does it benefit you? By keeping it stocked, you won’t miss any sales!

Sales Reporting and Analytics. This feature indeed is for your benefit rather than buyers’. It can capture as well as analyze important data that influences your next strategy of marketing and promotion. The data includes product sales, revenue rates, and ROI (Return on Investment).

Customer Management. Functions of POS is way more advanced than those of cashier machine. POS is able to store full purchase history of customers. This way, you can use such information to value your most loyal customers more. By doing so, their satisfaction is increased and the chance of your business being recommended to others is also leveled up.

Employee Management. This feature is truly in favor of business players. You as one can monitor your staffs, keeping track of their activity so you can be assured that business is going as it should be even when you are not physically there to monitor directly.

Mobile Access. As mentioned before, POS saving data in the cloud allows the data to be accessed by various devices at once. This gives you more flexibility in conducting business. You can check the data everywhere rather than have to access a cashier machine.

Integration Capability. Unlike cashier machine that runs in a closed off system, POS can be linked to various other systems to enhance and ease your business. It definitely can be synced to your e-commerce website so both your offline and online business can be carried on seamlessly. You also can install web based POS system in your website if you want to focus on your online business more.

Where to Get It?

There are many local companies who already offer POS system. They also usually provide POS system only for certain business types. Moreover, almost all of them adapt subscription. You have to pay them monthly or annually to use the software. In other words, you do not own the software. If you prefer the later, you can develop one privately by using digital agency service. Picodio, as an experienced digital agency in Surabaya has provided POS system solution to each of business’ needs.

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