Wietpanda Lestari Steel

Website Development
About This Project

Aktif sebagai distributor dalam memproduksi baja di Indonesia, PT. Wietpanda Lestari Steel mendistribusikan baja paduan dari pabrik terkenal di Jerman, Buderus Edelstahl GmbH. Baja paduan didistribusikan setelah diproses dengan teknologi modern dan telah melalui proses kontrol kualitas sehingga akan memenuhi persyaratan dan kualitas terjamin. Mereka telah menjalankan bisnis ini sejak Juli 1993.

The Approach

Over the past few years, PT. WLS was struggling in reaching more people to know them. Well of course they can pursue/convince people through their own way but not as much as if they own a website, right? That’s why we are here, to play our role in constructing new ideas by designing website as demanded. To be brief, we helped them to develop by designing a website for the ease of their distribution job and stay connected to other companies with modern way. So, PT. WLS partnered with us

The Outcome

The result? Now Pt. Wietpanda Lestari Steel is able to grow and trusted by customers for over 19 years.