Pazia Angklung

Mobile Application
About This Project

This isn’t the first time Pazia requested for our advice in bringing out their brand name. Their expectation is to have more supporter thats why they need us! Well,Angklung is one of Indonesia’s traditional musical instrument and Pazia intends to introduce angklung to the world!

The Approach

Pazia wants to shows patriotism by introducing this angklung app globally and simultaneously demand to reach more crowd. We helped Pazia to create a mobile version of the instrument. The Android version of this app was launched on cruise ship “Voyager of the Seas”. This application is available in both Google Play and App Store.

The Outcome

By owning this app, Pazia earn tremendous recognition and responses about what their next step should be. Not only that, people will see Pazia as a patriot contributor by introducing angklung.

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Pazia Angklung Android Version