Manna Branding

Branding & Design
About This Project

Manna is a holding company focusing in food & beverage business. Some of the restaurants they conduct are Manhattan Fish Market Indonesia (which is one of the top Fish & Chips specialized restaurant in Indonesia) and also BBQ Plaza, a BBQ restaurant. using our prolific thoughts, We help them to redefine their brand identity: logo, business card, envelope and letter.

The Approach

The concept for Manna branding is elegant & clean look. Even though the name is Manna which means “bread from heaven”, we don’t want Manna’s logo to look like a bakery store, so instead of bread or bakery logo, we choose diamond as a symbol of elegance which gives sophistication touch with grey and white background that deliver dominance and clean feel.

The out come

With our way, Manna will continue to feed customers with our concept and let viewers gobble all the refinement we’ve formed.