Manhattan Fish Market Survey App

Mobile Application
About This Project


Manhattan Fish Market Indonesia is a seafood restaurant chain who owns more than 50 restaurants all together in Asia and in the middle east. We help Manhattan Fish Market to deliver a pleasant feeling to people whey they fill the survey form. How we did it? Simple… We just threw a bait by creating a mobile app which changes people’s way when filling in the survey form.

The Approach

Before we touch shoulders, Manhattan Fish Market bear the issue of not being able to reevaluate their performance/work. So, they point us to do the job where we design a mobile app that hook more people to benefit Manhattan Fish Market while collecting and analyzing the data. Of course this wasn’t an easy job as this company is an increasing, award-winning and also an onward company than any other well-known regional brands. Briefly, we go ‘fishing’ together and
make their customers ‘swim’ in the sea of our ingenious concept.

The Outcome

The Manhattan Fish Market can now swimmingly do their survey.