Georgina Rose

About This Project

Established in 2013, Georgina rose is a new high-end children’s wear who made adorable outfit for little girls. Their passion is tailoring off the peg party dresses but yet elegant and suits the age of the wearer. Georgina Rose was designed for children ranging from toddlers through 8 years old. Designed with love, Georgina dresses are made with the finest material to ensure comfort for little ones.

The Approach

We were developing when suddenly our exceptional poise compelled Georgina Rose to seek us for help. Concisely, they want a website with patches of appealing design. So, we give them the magical wonderland touch with power to attract parents who want elegant yet breatheable clothes on their children that add pops of pretty colors in every dress! So, we sew our ideas in their website and unconsciously help to promote their quality assured sewings!

The Outcome

Now they’ve got it all and managed to spread their adorable elegant fashion sense that matched with children’s imagination to the world.