On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Explained

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Explained

On Page SEO and Off Page SEO Explained

Everyone refers to Google in need of knowing something, be it review, references, or just trivial information. Business players see this as an opportunity and try to present themselves between Google’s search results. However, doing so is not easy at all. Especially if you want to rank between the results of the first page. Nevertheless, there is a way to achieve high rank in Google’s search result, which is by SEO.

SEO itself is a practice conducted to increase both quality and quantity of organic traffic coming from search engine (which is Google) to your website. The practice is quite complicated, but to sum it up, it’s divided into two practices which are on page SEO and off page SEO. Both of them are equally important to achieve optimized website. If you want to understand how they work, here is the basic rundown of on page SEO and off page SEO.

On Page SEO

Basically, everything about the content in your website is on page SEO. Starting from the title of your content until the link you insert between the text. The making of website content can’t just be done without take notice of on page SEO practice as a whole and it’s not just inserting keywords in your website. Google takes notes several things in your on-page website to determine a rank in the search result pages. Here are on page SEO factors you need to pay attention to in order to rank higher in Google’s search results.

Page title. Use keywords that relevant to your business and combine it into comprehending phrase. Make sure the phrase’s length is not too long or too short.

Image title. Having image inserted in your content is helpful but even more so if the image used has its name edited using your chosen keyword. However, the image’s name must match with the picture depicted.

Actual content. You need to make content that is actually unique and useful. Copy pasting is not allowed since it will only get your website banned from Google’s search result. Use your chosen keyword and other keywords that still relevant. However, spread them out. Don’t use them by cluttering them in a corner.

Site speed. Time needed for your website to fully loaded is also a factor Google takes into account to determine a rank. Website needs to load fast in order to rank higher in Google’s search result.

URL. The address of your content must be SEO-friendly. It means that the URL must not contain gibberish characters but actual words that make sense. So instead of www.picodio.com/page=8937, URL must be www.picodio.com/3-tips-on-how-to-choose-credible-seo-agency/.

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Mobile-friendly. The flexibility of your website to match the size and resolution of each gadget’s screen actually matter in optimizing website for Google. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly so its visual can adjust to every size and resolution of gadget’s screen it’s accessed from. Apply responsive web design to your website development.

Social sharing. The convenient of sharing must be enforced. You need to provide social sharing buttons so your content can be shared easily by visitors.

Off Page SEO

If on page SEO concerns whats on screen of a website, off page SEO deals with those behind the curtain. It consists of various tactics like link building, social sharing, brand mentions, and many others. Although equally important, off page SEO often considered as the more difficult compared to on page SEO since it involves more deep technical things.

Some example of off page SEO practices are getting listed on Google Maps and Google My Business, posting shareable content  on Facebook page, and so on so forth. By doing so, you will increase the visibility of your website in Google.

On page SEO and off page SEO are equally important, they complement each other to improve your website ranking in Google. If you want to see the optimized results to your website, contact us, an experienced SEO agency in Surabaya who provides SEO service with guarantee.

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