Most Popular Business Website Types

Most Popular Business Website Types

Most Popular Business Website Types

In the era of everything-digital, it’s hard to imagine a business without website. Nowadays, small or big business always have a website to make their reach–whether to distributor, consumer, or others–easier and broader. They don’t need to print countless brochure and hand them manually one by one to people passing on the street. With website, business can be made easier. However, how does a functional business website look like? There are several types of business website if divided according to some categories. If only look at the basic and most popular ones, there are only two. Here are two business website types you can find everywhere.

E-Commerce Website

When “business website” is mentioned, most people will think of e-commerce website. Although it’s indeed true that e-commerce website is one of the most common business website types, there are many business website types out there besides this one.

E-commerce website is the perfect fit for business that sells their products online. This website is equipped with software that enables users to shop online with just several clicks. User can browse, buy, and pay their wanted products all only within a website.

The Effective Ways to Increase Your E-commerce Business Sales

Although browse, buy, and pay sound simple, e-commerce website is anything but. There are many features to be considered to implement. For example filter feature that allows users to browse products only within some categories such as gender, colour, and price. There are also variety of payment options that need further setting such as credit card and e-money. Features like these are just the inside that can’t really be seen by users. There are other things to pay attention to, such as easy navigation, layout, etc.

Company Profile Website

This business website type probably more common than e-commerce website. After all, not all business sell products online. Company profile website is a website that can be filled with content as you like. The content doesn’t need to stay the same. Since this website type is installed with a software called content management system, your content can be edited whenever. Therefore, if there are change of detail information about your business, you can edit it right away without making other website or do some tinkering that requires some coding knowledge.

Company profile website is usually filled with content that answer questions about your business such as who are you, what do you do, what do you sell, what makes you different from others, etc. Not used to sell products online, this website type is actually pretty flexible. Whether used as an online brochure, online portfolio, place to gather up leads, or even as a website to entertain users using informative content like article blogs.

What to Choose?

Knowing the distinct difference between e-commerce and company profile website will help you to determine which one matches your business needs. If both are needed, is it possible to combine both of them? The answer is yes. However, since company profile website usually focuses solely on all the answer of 5W1H questions of a business, it will be quite messy to lump them all with e-commerce website.

That’s why most of business whom needs are both business website types usually make 2 separate websites. Company profile website is developed to provide all the necessary information about a company and e-commerce website is to sell the products online.

Although they are separate websites, they are usually connected in a way. The URL of e-commerce website is usually inserted as a header menu in company profile website and vice versa. This way users can visit the other website when visiting the other one.

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