Everlast Singapore

About This Project

Perusahaan ini menggunakan nama Everlast karena sang pemilik, Jacob Golomb menginginkan baju renang yang kekal karena dia tidak puas dengan pakaian renang miliknya yang tidak bertahan lama. Everlast Singapore adalah salah satu rantai produk toko ritel menjual Everlast secara online.

The Approach

This cooperation started when EVERLAST requested a web development along with design to “talk” for the brand because nowadays, there’s no need to talk to get everyone’s attention to buy products. We provide services to build and maintain high-end website for EVERLAST so that it will have specific appeal in the market.

The Outcome

Now, Everlast have a tool to communicate to people without even talking! Isn’t that cool? Well, thanks to our genius crew.