How To Create a Secure Password for Your Business Website?

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How To Create a Secure Password for Your Business Website?

Website has important meaning to our business since it helps to simplified your existence by online. Unfortunately, the online world exposes you to a high risk of theft of important data such as bank details, various accounts and other sensitive company information. So, how do you protect yourself?

You may secure your business website with strong and unique passwords. It is essential to know how to build a password that is impossible for even the best hacker to figure out. If you are not sure where to start, we have put together a step-by-step guide to setting a strong password to help keep all of your business information safe.

Make It Long, But Easy to Remember

Hacker usually use algorithms which automatically and continuously test all possible combinations of a password, until they find the correct one. The longer and stronger password you make means your website hard to hacked. Even though a long password offers maximum security, you are also more likely to forget it. Try to find a password that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess. Computer security experts believe that the strongest passwords are between 8 and 12 signs.

Use The Combination of Numbers and Letters

Creating a password is like creating the newest menu for your dinner, you can’t be afraid to mix several ingredients. You can complicate things for a hacker by incorporating characters and improbable combinations. A good password should contain numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase) and special characters (such as %, +, * or $).


Avoid to Use Personal Information

You should never use a password sequence that relates to your personal information. If you doing so, it will be the first type of password a hacker will try when looking to hack. Birthdays and the names of family, friends or address are also highly discouraged. You may create a secure password for your business website without adding your personal information.


Change Your Password Regularly

If you want to ensure your password stays a secret, you will need to change it every 3 months. We know it is one of those tiring tasks and you tend to forget it, but you will be much more annoyed if you get hacked and have all of your important files and documents of your business taken from you.


Since you know the way in creating a secure password for your business website, are you ready to build it now?

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