Common Business Website Design Mistakes

Common Business Website Design Mistakes

Common Business Website Design Mistakes

Either small of big, website can be the livelihood of business. It’s the place where you keep information of products and contact for people to freely access anytime anywhere. It’s also the place that generates sale, whether your website is e-commerce or just a company profile. Either way, a good business website converts so if yours doesn’t, maybe you don’t do it right. Check out the following common business website design mistakes that prevent your website to do its job, converting visitor into sales.

Loads Slowly

With many things can be freely accessed online, people don’t have time to wait for your website to fully load. If it takes more than 5 seconds, they are likely to close their tab browser, canceling the plan to check your business out through your website. Even 5 seconds are still considered not fast enough. However, with the patience of local internet connection, 5 seconds are enough to tolerate. If you can however, improve website load speed to 3 seconds tops.

Tells Nothing

A good business website provides clear and concise information about who you are and what you do. Don’t just depend on cryptic copy to sound and look cool. Elaborate you and tell audience what they will get if they buy from you. Tell them the benefits they get compared to choosing others.

SEO Benefits from Applying Responsive Web Design

Not Mobile-Friendly

We can’t emphasize enough of how important mobile-friendly is to your website. People don’t browse websites through computer desktop. In fact, many internet users in the world (Indonesia included) access internet more often through mobile phones. By implementing responsive web design, your website will be able to fit every gadget’s screen automatically without ruining the visual. In other words, your website will be mobile-friendly, easy on the eyes and easy to navigate while being accessed from mobile phone.

Out of Date Content

Fresh content helps you to tell audience that your business is still actively running. Therefore, you need to keep your content updated. Don’t let your website update stretch back into months. Up minimum keep the last update only stretch back a months. By content here, it’s not only blog post but also all contents: images, videos, testimonial. You don’t need to update everything if it’s too much. Just make sure enough element of your website is fresh so audience is able to tell your business is still up and running.

Difficult to Read

What’s the use of having stellar visual if in the end your contents are unreadable to understand. Readable content doesn’t just depend on the font size and color, but also the combination of website design. Combine your content, design, and navigation into one so each of them brings out the best browsing experience for audience. Content with great design and easy navigation are the best combination into making a good business website.


Although contributing, content doesn’t exactly the one that converts audience into sales. The one does is CTA button. CTA or call-to-action is the one to click when audience wants to purchase something off from your website. Therefore, this button has to be actually significant compared to the rest of website’s elements. Make CTA button big enough with contrasting color and clear copy.

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