Your Business Website and Mobile App are Ready? Optimize Now to be Found Easily by Your Customers

Website dan Aplikasi Bisnis Anda Sudah Siap Optimalkan Sekarang agar Cepat Ditemukan Konsumen

Your Business Website and Mobile App are Ready? Optimize Now to be Found Easily by Your Customers

Building online presence of a business doesn’t stop at making website and mobile app. After both are made, you need to do some optimizing so that your website and mobile app can be easily found by your customer targets. Several optimization methods are social media ads, SEM, and SEO. Although the three of them are all useful to make your business easily found, each has its own advantages. Business type and who your customer targets are play important role in deciding which optimization method you should take.

Social Media Ads

Social media platforms are strategic places to increase your business’ online presence. The same as website and mobile app, social media also needs optimization, which can be done through paid ads.

Social media ads can be used as a media to promote a business by linking your website and mobile app. The platform itself can also be used as a media for customer care where you can directly communicate with customer targets. Therefore, you are able to know quickly what your customers need, want, and complain about without having to do a complex survey which needs extra manpower and money.

This optimization method through social media ads is very suitable for a business which has active user of social media as customer targets. They already gather in one place, so you can “pick them up” through ads of that place, which is social media ads.


The short of Search Engine Marketing, SEM, is an optimization method which focuses on search engine like Google. In the everything-is-online era, it’s no wonder people referring to Google to get information and reviews about the products they want. Through SEM, your business can appear on the result page of Google without fail.

Ads appearing on the relevant search of your business is how SEM works. Therefore, SEM needs a keyword associated with your business. When this particular keyword is searched on Google, your business will be one of the search results. SEM itself is a paid service, so your business is guaranted to appear as one of the established keyword search results.

This optimization method is suitable for business with an offline store. It’s because ads through SEM can be adjusted with the location of customer targets. Data showed that people who search product on search engine have high buying intent. Therefore, they prefer a store which is located nearest to them, so they can quickly visit the store and choose the products directly.


Similar to SEM, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an optimization method which focuses on search engine. However, if SEM is basically a paid ad in order to be listed on search engine’s result page, SEO is a compilation of several things done so your business can naturally be in the result page which is known more in SEO vocabulary as SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Not as easy as SEM, SEO has complex steps so your business is able to be in SERP, starting from backlinking to providing articles as website’s content. Despite not being a paid ad, SEO also costs you money to maintain your business so it keeps being on SERP. This is because there are many of your competitors doing the same. Furthermore, Google search engine prefers fresh website content, so if not updated regularly, your business will be missing from SERP.

Because of the organic nature, optimization through SEO cannot be instant. SEO needs more times so your business can appear on SERP. However, thanks to that organic nature, customers tends to be more trusting compared to paid ads like SEM.

Each of the three optimization methods above has its own advantage. Are you aiming to optimize your online transaction as well as your offline transaction? Are you aiming for customers who are active social media user? Or are you planning long term by building trustful brand as well as ease your customers in findind you? Despite the main advantage, each method can also be adjusted to meet your business’ every needs. We are glad and ready to help you finding one. Contact us to book the first consultation date for free!

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