Benefits of WordPress Used as Business Website’s CMS

Benefits of WordPress Used as Business Website's CMS

Benefits of WordPress Used as Business Website’s CMS

One thing that makes business players unsure to develop their own company website is the difficulty of maintaining it. Meanwhile website is so easy to maintain if it uses the universal content management system (CMS): WordPress. The software of WordPress can be installed as the behind-the-scene of your website so you can easily manage your website, whether updating blogs, website copy, website picture, testimonials and so on so forth. Using WordPress as your website’s CMS makes even your less tech-savvy employees easy in managing it.

Not only easy in day by day casual operating, WordPress also has many other advantages if it’s used as your website’s content management system. Here are some of them.

Easy to Use

WordPress CMS is easy to use, you can add a new section, page, blog post without any knowledge of technical stuffs. Just a few clicks, WordPress has provided all features necessary for all kind of website: be it company profile, blog, and even e-commerce.


WordPress CMS software by nature provides site structure that ease makes website easier to be indexed by Google algorithms. In other words, optimizing your website to rank high in Google’s search result is easier. Aside from site structure, there are many plugins that can be added to aid your search engine optimization attempt, for example Yoast.


To make it easier in managing your website, Picodio recommends you to use something flexible of change. Therefore, when your website is in need to grow in line with your business expansion, it will be simple to take care off. You can change your website’s theme without doing a whole revamp. Adding and removing plugins such as SEO tools, image sliders, photo galleries, etc are also easy to be done without programming skill. Plus, WordPress is build with accessible technologies so the website’s visual will match automatically and exactly to fit any gadget’s size and resolution.


What most business player considers when about to develop a website are convenience and affordability, which both are the quality of WordPress. Easily added and removed plugins for WordPress are mostly free, so you don’t have to pay when you need extra tools for your website. Furthermore, since WordPress is open source, choosing it to use won’t charge you licensing cost.


This is another tremendous benefit of using WordPress as your CMS. There are so many theme available with you can choose, ranging from business use to personal one. Free theme obviously can save your budget but if you think none of the theme available matches your business, our website development team surely can help you to make a personally crafted website theme.


If you want to add more features to your website easily, there are widgets. Widgets can be added to provide your chosen additional features without having to edit the code. With few clicks and a little bit drag and drop, you can add more features to your website such as a calendar, social media feed, archives, survey form, etc. The placement of widgets is also according to your liking, be it on top, bottom, or sides.

If you want your business website to be easily managed, flexible in change, and costs less, you can choose WordPress as your content management system. However if you think WordPress won’t cover your business needs, we can try to help you working out the solution. Contact us now to book the first consultation meeting for free!

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