Applicable Marketing Tricks to Survive Online

Applicable Marketing Tricks to Survive Online

Applicable Marketing Tricks to Survive Online

For countless business, online presence is the livelihood of their operation. Many businesses whose offline presence are strong enough to carry on now also begin to strengthen their presence online. It can’t be denied that online has grown into the heart of commerce, demanding convenience for various business operation. This creates a bit of problem for less tech-savvy business owner who doesn’t understand how to boost their business within the competition. Here are some applicable marketing tricks for them to learn and implement.

Social Media

Boost your content

Boosting here means uploaded content is not enough. Constantly changing algorithm of social media platforms prevent your audience to see them later on. Therefore, you need to give them a little boost. Choose one or two of your best content to be the content of paid promotion. The content can be about something trending, crucial information, or your ongoing promotion. By giving a paid boost, the chance of your contents reaching more audience is increasing.

Share and engage

It’s widely known that unique content is more likely to have more engagement. However with so many business, media, and individuals online, there are so many interesting content already. You can take an advantage of that by sharing the content in your social media account. Even so, only sharing them won’t do any good. You need to insert something to engage.

Take an example of you sharing a link to a media website that talks about the tips of cleaning shoes. You, as a business owner of a shoe brand can’t just click publish. Give some captions that encourage responses from your audience alongside the link such as,

“Our product is so easy to clean you won’t need special cleaning substance or tools. Here are some tips to clean your shoes. Or do you have your own tricks to keep yours shining? Share them with us in comment below!”


Use pay-per-click ads

As the giant of search engine, everyone now relies on Google for information. Product references and reviews are no exception. People use Google to ask question and search what product to buy. Therefore, there are very high chance people take note of Google’s search results. You can appear right up in the first result page by using Google Adwords. This advertising Google offers requires you to only pay when there is audience who actually click your paid ad.

One ad per keyword

To use Google Adwords, you need to decide on a keyword. So, when that particular keyword is searched, you will appear up in the result page. Don’t rush to catch results by buying several keywords at once. Decide one for one ad and scale the result to scale the amount of money spend and engagement you get.

Public Relations

No bragging

Many business owners tend to brag since they are so eager to introduce their product and all its advantage. Introducing is okay, but bragging is far from it. You can introduce your product by talking how it can solve customer’s problems, how it can make their life easier by using it. Maintain your language and tone in delivering your introduction. Remain humble and stay away from bragging. It will give you bad impression to your customer target.

Focusing on how it can solve problem and being humble should be applied to for all your copy whether online or offline. You should use the same tone of language in all your business platforms, from social media, website, to ads.

One sentence

It’s difficult enough to be a new born startup that specializes in various things at once. Plus, the obligation that requires you to be able to explain your business in one sentence only. More than one will give audience as well as customer target convoluted explanation, which eventually leads to confusion. Make one sentence on what you do.


Keep eyes open on competitor

One of marketing tricks that is famously known between e-commerce business is SEO. By optimizing your website, you can naturally appear on the first search result page. Since SEO result is natural or organic unlike PPC, your competitor can keep up any day when you slack off. Check your SEO regularly. If it seems that you can’t beat your competitor, do a research to know why.

You also can consult SEO agency if you are stuck with your problem. Picodio, as an experiened SEO agency has helped numerous business to be at the top of their game. Optimize SEO as one of your marketing tricks now.

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