7 Practical Elements A Homepage Must Have

7 Practical Elements A Homepage Must Have

7 Practical Elements A Homepage Must Have

Website may consist of several pages, but the homepage must be treated with extra care. As the very front of a website when URL is accessed, it must evoke great first impression from the visitors. With great impression, come sense of trust. With trust, visitors are more likely converted into clients/consumers. So, how exactly homepage is treated? How extra is “care” put unto homepage? You can pay attention to great details of the elements. Here are important homepage elements your website must have.

Practical Guide to Make a Website


Headline is that gigantic title in homepage that tells who you are, your identity. People tend to scroll right after a page finishing loading so make sure you use headline that tell what you have to offer within 3 seconds. Use compact, clear, and simple words.


If headline must be kept compact, clear, and simple with very limited amount of character, sub-headline is more than a leeway. To explain your headline in more elaborate manner, you can use sub-headline. Sub-headline usually talks about what you do or have to offer. Don’t be narcissist and talk about yourself. Using jargon is also not recommended since jargon tends to be very cryptic about who you are and what you do. Focus on what you can do for your target audience.

Primary Call-to-Action

Great homepage indeed gives great impression but great impression is not your primary goal in having a website. You want your website visitor to take action by seeing yours, so you must insert call-to-action button. Inserting many can be confusing for visitors so just insert one. Your primary goal of having a website can be more than one but choose the most important one and turn it into a primary call-to-action button. Do you run a service company like us, a digital agency who sells services to clients? Contact Us might be your primary CTA button. Or do you sell product? Buy Now might be the primary CTA button you might want to insert in your homepage.

Supporting Image

People gravitate more to visual than lengthy words so make use you accompany your copy with stunning image. However, stunning just doesn’t suffice. Make sure the image you choose also relevant with your business. You can choose image that illustrate positive expression that picture the effect of using your service/product or just relevant aesthetic that evoke feelings. To suffice, focus on images that capture emotion and cause action. Don’t forget to stay away from cheesy overused stock photos.


Describing what you do is not enough to make visitors act. You have to talk about why it (you, your service/products) matters. Include the benefits people get of they choose you over anything else. However, you need to mind the tone of your language. Keep it light and humble, don’t be narcissistic but don’t down yourself.

Social Proof

Social proof is very critical to include as it can boost trust. This indicates that your business and what it does matter and have acknowledged by others. There are many forms of social proof that is not only testimonial. Badges, review, rating, endorsement, subscriber count are all counted as social proof.


This goes without saying, you need to include website navigation. Especially when your website consists of several pages, easy to access navigation is imperative so your visitor know where to click when they want to search something.

Have you inserted all of them in your homepage? Do you want to but don’t know how without breaking the aesthetic that is stunning homepage? Call us now to book a free consultation meeting to find the answer.

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