5 Website Pop-up Types for Your Website to Choose

5 Website Pop-up Types for Your Website to Choose

5 Website Pop-up Types for Your Website to Choose

Website pop-up can be a bother but when used right, it can be truly advantageous. The first step to use website pop-up right is to know all the types, since each type is better suited for certain goals, traffic, and your website types. When you understand the types and each of their differences, choosing one to match your website’s needs will be easier. Here are website pop-up types you can choose for your website.

Click Pop-Up

This website pop-up type is the one who appears because your website visitor is clicking something. Whether it is a link, word, or image. Because it’s only going to appear after a click, this pop-up is the least intrusive.

You can use click pop-up to make an interesting offer to visitors. For example, a copy of informative e-book at the bottom of your article in the blog section or other similar freebies.

Timed Pop-up

This pop-up type will appear after the set time. In other words, pop-up will appear after a visitor has browsed your website for quite a time. So, if you set the pop-up 10 seconds, the pop-up will appear after a visitor has spent 10 seconds in your website.

If not set properly, timed pop-up can be truly bothering visitors. The key to use this pop-up right is by calculating the set-up time. If you want to use this pop-up, you better check the average time visitor spends in your website. It can be checked through analytics tools such as Google Analytics. Therefore before visitor leaves, you can make sure visitors can see it.

You can use timed pop-up to ask visitors to opt-in to your service. Whether it’s registering an account, subscribe on your newsletter, or others.

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Scroll Pop-up

Next pop-up type is scroll pop-up which will appear after you scroll a page. This type is usually used for website that has interesting content to digest. Furthermore, scroll can be used as a incentive that visitors are truly invested and interested with what they see. After all, most internet users who show even a little bit interest will scroll your webpage. And those who don’t will leave immediately clicking the x in the browser tab.

The key to use scroll pop-up is to estimate at which point of your content that visitors likely to show interest with what you have to offer. You better set the time not too early. But too late is not good either. It’s better to set scroll pop-up when visitors are at around 70% of your content.

The same with previous pop-up types, this pop-up can be used to ask visitors opt-in or to offer incentive. This scroll pop-up however, is usually used for website with long blog article content, possessing at least 1000 words for each article.

Entry Pop-up

This website pop-up type is probably the most used pop-up type. Entry pop-up will appear after a webpage is fully loaded, blocking all contents from visitors to see. This blocking is said to be dangerous because visitors don’t even know you but you have already make an offer up front through the pop-up.

Although it’s true, entry pop-up which blocks webpage content to see can be used if implemented right. It can be used for pop-up with limited offer, such as price cut, exclusive content, and many others. Because the scarcity of it, visitors will more likely to fill and click your pop-up. Although what you offer for that limited offer has to be appealing for them.

Aside for limited offer, entry pop-up can also be used to relay important message. For example your website is going for several days maintenance. You can use entry pop-up to relay this information. Therefore, visitors will make an advance action for several days ahead when your website is going to be inaccessible.

Exit Pop-up

Another common pop-up type is exit pop-up. This pop-up will appear when visitors about to leave your website. Depends on the pop-up maker you use, there is exit pop-up who will appear when your cursor is near the menus that make you leave the website, such as back button and x button of browser tab.

Not all visitors are closing your website because they are not interested with what you have. They might be checking you out, getting to know you from all the nook and cranny of your website. Exit pop-up is used not to gather leads or offer limited promotion. It’s usually used to make sure that visitors are indeed paying attention.

Rather than placing this website pop-up type in landing page, you can place it in landing page when users are browsing your offered services or products.

Although website pop-up is most often than not annoying for visitors, you can make it less while making it brings you some advantage. We hope you have basic insight on website pop-up and now have a more or less knowledge to consider which pop-up is the perfect match for your website.

Needing a hand to choose or made a website pop-up? Contact us now to schedule a consultation meeting and we an discuss further about the pop-up you need.

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