5 Useful Tips to Improve Website Performance

5 Useful Tips to Improve Website Performance

In order to make your customers satisfy while accessing your website, do not make them wait too long. If a website takes too long to load, how quick are they to close out your website and open up new search engine result? However, their experience will determine how much they trust your brand and their return visit to your website in the future and share your web address with other people. You may need some useful tips to improve website performance, such as:

Adjust Your Website Design

Creating a website that loads as quickly as possible is a priority for any website designer. It is also the top rule that any website designer should follow. A spectacular website design is useless if it does not load fast since there won’t be many people able to see it. So, you have to think about how long your design will take for your website to load.


Don’t Forget to Compress Images

Images are taken up most of the downloaded bytes, as well as a significant amount of space on a page. Optimizing images will be advantage to improve website performance. A website will load much faster whenever images are used after it compressed. Your customers do not have to wait too long to open up your website, do they?


Use Web Font Instead of Image Icon

It is extremely suggest to you to use web font instead of image icon on your website, because no matter what size you want for them, they will meet your demands. A website designer does not need any work to be done in PS as well as no more “saving for web” a lot of icons. Web font is useful to improve website performance.


Resize the Browser

If you think that responsive web design is your goal, try to resize the browser to make sure it will be a mobile-friendly website. A good website does not take longer than five seconds to load. Approximately 70% of all mobile users will end up leaving the website that need more time to load. Remember that a heavy website is not mobile-friendly.


Use Website Performance Testing Tools

Before you check on the final design of your website, do spare a time to check out its total load time. There are many different services that you can take advantage of for this, which can provide an analysis of your website, or even for free. You can use Google PageSpeed to analyze your website for both desktop and mobile. You will also be provided with suggestions on how to make improvements when they are needed.


Are you ready to improve website performance?


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