5 Tips to Get Started on Social Media Marketing

5 Tips to Get Started on Social Media Marketing

5 Tips to Get Started on Social Media Marketing

The fact that social media holds a portion of marketing success is not a secret anymore. For some, social media is the main key to success. Business and brands, small and big alike use social media as a part of their marketing strategy. Therefore, it is just the logical thing to do for you as a business owner to utilise social media for your marketing success too. After all, how much social media plays a part in marketing have been numerously proven.

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However, how do you exactly start social media marketing? Is there something you must prepare first or you can just give it a go just like starting a personal account? For you who don’t know where to start, the following points will take to the start line.

Set Goals

Before getting started, you must remember that social media is not the place to sell things. Sure, people use them to sell things all the time but social media exists for socialising by online platform. Twitter with its real-time feature, Facebook with its multi-purpose content types, and Instagram with its visual focused feature, all of them are initially optimised for people to connect. They come to the platform not with the intention of buying things, but with the intention of getting updates about things. Whether it’s a content from friends, public figure, or brands they like.

With that in mind, now you have to establish your goal of using social media as a part of your marketing. Do you want to use them to raise brand awareness, reaching new potential customers, or just simply to increase sales? The goal you are setting will help you to keep on track so what you will do on social media will have roles to take you to social media marketing success.

Pick Your Platforms

There are so many social media platforms available. But simply existing in all of them is just impossible. You need to pick which platforms are favourable for your business. By doing so, you will able to focus solely on the platforms to reach your initial social media marketing goals. Picking which one also requires the understanding of your target consumers demography. If your target are millennials, it’s best to optimise your marketing on popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Educate Yourself

The next step is to get to know the platforms you have chosen. If you are already familiar with the platforms’ features, then good. If not, you must study all the nook and cranny of the platform in order to maximise its utilisation for your marketing. Another note, as a brand account, there must be stark differences on how to manage the account’s operational than a personal one. Everything you do on the platforms must be calculated, based on the strategy to reach the goals you have initially set.

Establish Your Tone

If you take a closer look on brands that successfully carry on their social media marketing strategy, you must find one similarity: they have their own “tone”. Tone in this context can also be used to refer to brand personality. Unlike personal account, what brand account represents is a business, it’s not human so surely it has no personality. However, you can infuse personality in brand’s social media account by establish “tone of delivery”.

Prepare Well

There is no use of setting goals, learning about social media, and all the things above if you can’t execute it well. Maintaining social media account is not as easy as you imagine. Especially if it’s for business. You must dedicate your time and resources. Utilising social media for marketing needs special attention and focus.

From forming strategy to creating contents, social media marketing requires expert resources. If you think you are not ready to carry out social media marketing, you can use digital agency’s services such as one that Picodio possesses. We provides various digital services that are relevant to today’s business climate. From website, branding, or social media management, we are ready to help you compete. Contact us today for first consultation meeting. Free of charge!

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