5 Tips to Choose Domain Name for Your Business Website

5 Tips to Choose Domain Name for Your Business Website

5 Tips to Choose Domain Name for Your Business Website

There are many things to consider when choosing domain name for your website. Domain name is similar to your brand name, but it is online. Note that it’s only similar but not quite the same. Domain name is more than an online brand name because there are technical things to consider, especially when it’s for your website, which is made for business purpose. Before you choose a domain name, you can apply the following tips to find the right one.

Be Brandable

If the focus of your website is to build a reputable brand in the long term, you better choose a brandable domain name. Choose something that sounds like a name, a name of your business. In other words, your domain name is your brand name. If your brand name is Pepsi, then better choose domain name exactly the same, say, Pepsi.com. Avoid using difficult characters such as hypens and numbers since it will be more difficult to type as well as more difficult to remember.

However, the down side of using brandable domain name is that you have to possess good reputation of your brand in the first place. If you don’t, then your website will have to grow alongside your brand. You will barely get traffic from someone who actually know nothing about your brand. Why? Because brandable domain name is difficult to pop in Google search.

If searchable is your focus rather than brandable, then you better use keyword that is related to your business as your domain name. Say your business is selling soda drink so instead of Pepsi.com, your domain name will be Surabayasodadrink.com. This way, your website will be easier to appear in Google search. The down side of focus on searchable than brandable is that your website looks less trustworthy at first glance.

We advice you to choose brandable over searchable as you still can get into Google search by optimizing your website using other means (for example SEO). Choosing searchable however, will lose you professional and trustworthy images you can get from brandable domain name. Furthermore, choosing brandable name is easier since brand name is always unique, so you can always choose extensions as you like, be it .com, .co, or others.

Make it Pronounceable

Word-of-mouth is still proven to be the best of marketing so it only makes sense to choose domain name that is easy to be pronounced. If someone still requires others to spell your domain name more than twice, it means that your domain name is not pronounceable enough.

We as Indonesian tend to process words faster if the words are easy to articulate, so it’s better to use them as domain name. English also has become everyday language, even it’s only common terms. Therefore, do not use too complicated words and terms in domain name to strive for uniqueness.

Keep It Short

To be easily remembered and pronounced, the shorter the better for domain name. However, do not ignore the others to strive for the shorter name. For example, you want something short so instead using stunningwardrobe.com, you choose stunningwrdrb.com. Although shorter, the later is way more difficult to remember and pronounce. Keep those two things when choosing short domain name.

Choose .com Extension

.com extension is the most used for domain name for business so it will be difficult to search name that is available with this extension. However, that fact is exactly why .com is the most sought for. The familiarity is advantageous for business website since it’s so easy to remember. Say, your brand name is Stunning Wardrobe so there is high chance people will assume your website is stunningwardrobe.com.

If the domain is already taken, you can choose the most popular alternative. In Indonesia the most popular alternative is .co.id and .id comes after that. It’s better to stick with country domain extensions if you can’t get .com. Therefore, people will know which country your business is based on.

Avoid Trademark Infrigement

Before you make your decision final, make sure you have researched your domain name to avoid confusion with other existing brand. Moreover, if your chosen domain name is easily confused with other brand (especially if it’s on the same line of business), you can get sued for trademark infringement.

Good domain name doesn’t get confused with others, moreover get sued for trademark infringement!

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