5 Tips For Delighting Users with a Great Experience

5 Tips For Delighting Users with a Great Experience

A great user experience (UX) starts with the designer. You have to imagine and create something that people will want to touch and engage with, again and again. In order to make the process little easier and give you more time to focus on other visual elements, you may use  tools and techniques that users like and understand. Here we have five tips for you to make a great user experience with your design.

Personalize Your Design

One of the biggest trends in website design is personalization. Users want their experiences to be just for them when they visit a website, play a game or shop online. Consider some of the most visited websites in the world and how they use personalization. Each of these small customizations makes each user feel like the UX is made just for them. It can help increase engagement and user loyalty, and most of all, it can make users happy to be part of a certain website community.

Keep Simple The Animation

Another big design trend can also be great for UX. Animations can delight, surprise and help users navigate through a design. The trick is to keep animations simple. You do not want to create movement that makes users feel dizzy or overwhelmed. Animation should have a purpose, just like any other design element and fulfill the goals.

Use Common Design Patterns

Design patterns are repeatable solutions to commonly occurring problems. Simply stated, it is the most common way of group information and interacting with an interface, such as clicking or tapping a button to perform an action or scrolling from top to bottom of a webpage. It needs to have a well designated yet simple user experience so that people will understand how to use it without further learning process which will takes their time.

Create design patterns within your design as well, using common visuals that work in the same manner from page to page. You can do this by making all call-to-action buttons with the same color or placing them in the same location on the screen or incorporating cards or other elements into the project.

Create An Interactive Content

Remember that the more a person wants to interact with an interface the better the experience for that user. Keep interactive content simple and without a lot of involvement so that users can see how to respond at a glance and do not get bored by the experience.

Make It Easy And Orderly

One of the easiest ways to create a great user experience is with a design that is clean, neat and orderly. Design using a grid so that every element has a place. Think responsively so that experiences transfer from device to device. Simplicity and minimalism are the main point of design for a reason. The visual simplicity makes the interfaces easy to interact with. A design does not have to be overly complicated to work great and make users happy.

When it comes to UX, rethink that delighting users as providing an experience that they want. A good and delightful UX is easy to understand, navigate and interact with. It is not only looks great, but also usable. It does what users expect while offering a few surprises along the way.

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