5 Things You Should Include On Your Homepage

5 Things You Should Include On Your Homepage

You may be wondering what should or should not appear on your website’s homepage, since research has found that the average visitor spends 8 seconds on a site before deciding whether or not to leave. What does this mean for you? This means you only have 8 seconds to impress and inform a potential customer before they ditch your site for good. A good first impression is vital to your business’ website and you only have one chance at eight seconds, to make it.

Below we have outlined what to include on your homepage business’ website to maximize your precious 8 seconds.

Company Description and Offers

The key reason to make customer stay on your website is including the brief description about your company on your homepage. It is not only about what your company actually does, but also the products or service it offers. Do not write a long paragraph about your company, because it should place on a page “About Us”. Try to limit the number of featured products. A short, bullet or numbering-point list often works well to make it easier to read for your visitor.


News and Events

It is a great idea to let customers know your website is always up to date. Make sure you do not leave “Latest News” and “Events” on website items. However, you have to ensure that the news and events section does not take off too much space on your website or it will be look annoying. You can simply show teasers of news and events, and link visitors to a page dedicated to news and events.



Testimonials are an extremely important part of the success of your business. On your credibility and expertise, testimonials from loyal customers are a critical part of the presence of your business. It also strengthen your reputation by showing testimonials on your website homepage. As a results, adding testimonials on your homepage will increase your business and company successful.

Customer Interaction

A great way to lend immediate credibility to your site is to include “call-to-action” buttons to get immediate responses from your customers. This will direct them to do something on your site (like sign in or sign up), thus ensuring they will stay longer than those 8 seconds.

A Clear Navigation Bar

Having a great homepage is vital to make your customer stay longer on your website. Also, you have to attract them to explore the rest of the content on your website. A clear navigation bar will give a clear preview or the type of information that your website contains of.


Those are the things you should include on your homepage. Make sure to preview your homepage before publishing in order to ensure the quality of homepage you want to present to your customers. Do not forget to test the page to make sure that all links and images work, and relieve for typos.

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