3 Tips on How to Choose Credible SEO Agency

3 Tips on How to Choose Credible SEO Agency

3 Tips on How to Choose Credible SEO Agency

In the age of fierce business competition, positioning yourself right in the middle of your consumer target is no easy feat. There are many ways to accomplish that however, such as being active in various social media platforms at once, put on ads in search engine and social media, and optimizing your existing website to naturally appear in search engine results.

The later which is called SEO (search engine optimization) is quite tricky since you can’t directly pay the search engine to make your website appears in its search results, hence “naturally”. It’s tricky, not impossible but when done wrong, your website can be given penalty and your website presence on search engine will be pretty non-existent.

That’s why it will be better if your website SEO is handled by the professional. Through this article, we will help you choose that professional. Everyone can build a SEO agency overnight and claim themselves being the professional in the field. As steps behind SEO is especially tricky to understand from a layman’s point of view, it’s quite difficult to judge which agency is the truly professional one. Here are some tips on how to choose professional and credible SEO agency to boost your website ranking in search engine.

Check Their Own SEO

It’s the norm for SEO agency to have their own website. It’s quite questionable if one does not have a website when their service heavily involves websites and blogs. To make sure whether a SEO agency is truly capable or not, you can check their own website’s SEO.

You can check the bare minimum by searching their company name on search engine. Is their website the first one to pop up? How many pages of their website that appear on first SERP? Have they taken the time to make presence in crucial platforms such as Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, and Google My Business? If the answer to all those questions is no, maybe the SEO agency is not as committed in their service.

You can also check their website’s SEO performance by searching them using related keywords, for example the phrase “SEO agency Surabaya“. Do they appear in the first SERP? If yes, they are worth pursuing to find out more about their SEO service.

Check Their Transparency Policy

A SEO professional does not keep their client in the dark. SEO techniques are not easy to understand but that doesn’t mean client isn’t given the result data. If a SEO agency doesn’t say anything about your analytic data, their credibility can be questioned. SEO work always requires analytic data so SEO professional know what to fix and enhance. Therefore, website performance change can be seen, before and after optimization.

Make sure you are given access to that data. If there is something that needs explanation, you can ask them. However, a good SEO professional always presents the data with basic explanation, usually using layman terms. From that explanation, more detailed questions arise from the client and can be further asked.

Check Their Understanding of Three SEO Levels

In order to be able to rank higher in SERP, all three SEO levels must be conducted which are:

  1. Technical; This involves all the technical stuffs in your website which is the site structure. All pages within pages have to made easier for search engine to crawl. Therefore, not only the homepage, other pages of your website can also rank high in SERP.
  2. On Page; This involves practices inserted in each page such as keywords and HTML tags to increase traffic from search engine.
  3. Off Page; This involves practices done outside your website’s pages such as link building.

As a layman, understanding all three of them in details is truly difficult. However, knowing the grasp of them helps you to determine whether a SEO agency is credible enough or not. You can ask a SEO agency of your choosing about the actual practices of these three SEO levels. From there, you can gouge their credibility in SEO.

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